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Speaker Announcement #6

Due to popular demand our Kiwi cousin Dion is back!
Dion was one of two life saving speakers who stepped up to help out at this years BoothCon when scheduled speakers were unable to make it. Normally that would be reason enough to be singing someones praises however Dion’s talk ” Putting Purpose Into Your Passion” turned out to be one of the speaker highlights for many attendees.
Dion recently said to me “if I can do that with just a few hours notice imagine what I can do if I have 7 months!” So to that end Dion is back with his new talk “So you think you’re not creative: How to kill your ideas before they kill you!”
If you have ever looked at another booth business, and wished you were more like them creatively then this is the talk for you. Dion will share insights and tales of triumph and disaster, and the role that creativity plays in these – and how you can improve your business with a mindset of creativity.
This is sure to be another not to be missed BoothCon talk. Will you be there or just wishing you had been afterwards?

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Speaker Announcement #5

Returning for his second go around is the delightful Bob Lindquist the right hand man behind the worlds largest photo booth expo PBX. Bob will be sharing his tips and advice to help you stay focused, motivated and productive with his talk “Time Management: Simplified”

Being your own boss is great but comes with it’s own set of challenges. So if like me you struggle with prioritising work flows, staying motivated and holding yourself accountable then this talk is really going to help get you back on track and kicking goals again!

In addition to his current assignment as Media and Marcom Director of Photo Booth Expo, Bob operates FLXWebDesign and Dayspring Communications Group. His connection to the Photo Booth industry relates to his background as a Mobile DJ and former Publisher of Mobile Beat: The DJ Magazine. After weathering 40+ years of Self-Employment, Bob has learned a thing or two on how to make it work and now enjoys encouraging others in their journey to make it on their own.

Earlybird tickets on sale for a limited time

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Speaker Announcement #4

It’s a pleasure to welcome our first “non Photo Boother” to the BoothCon speaking ranks: Andres Diaz.

Andres Diaz is one of the directors of Kardia Group Tax Accountants in Brisbane. He started his career in taxation in 2002 and in 2010 he took on his first Photo Booth operator as a client. Having worked with Boothers for nearly 10 years, Andres is very familiar with the unique concerns and needs of our industry and is looking forward to sharing general advice about all things taxation and employment with his talk “Photobooth Business Accounting – Getting it right!”.

Tax and employment obligations whilst not as sexy as some topics are things that all boothers need to know about but not all do. So this is going to be a great talk to help you not only understand your obligations but put you on the right track for your biz and save you in the long run!

Earlybird round 2 tickets are currently on sale for a limited time so get in early to save $$ and secure your place

Bring On BoothCon!

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Speaker Announcement #3

BoothCon20 Speaker Announcement #3

A warm welcome to first time BoothCon speaker Jan Paredes hailing all the way from San Francisco!

Jan Paredes is the founder and life force behind Chroma Photobooth. Chroma Photobooth is a professional photobooth company that has graced San Francisco since 2016. Jan’s prolific photobooth company executed 100 events in its first year and was recognised by Best of San Francisco magazine as one of the top photobooth companies in the Bay area. Jan is hard of hearing in both ears, and he credits his disability for driving him to provide an exceptional, tailored photobooth experience for each of his clients. Jan’s people-centric approach to business will remain a constant theme as Chroma Photobooth continues to grow.

Jan has spoken at Booth Summit where his amazing life and photo booth journey was one of the highlights. He is really excited to visit Oz and not only share his story but impart lots of valuable insights with BoothCon attendees.

Earlybird round 2 tickets are currently on sale for a limited time so get in early to save $$ and secure your place

Bring On BoothCon!

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Speaker Announcement #2

After a 3 year hiatus from the BoothCon stage Owen McCrink our very own boother tech head extraordinaire from Hula Booth joins the speaker line up.

Owen currently spends all his time in the software world running a digital consulting business at Digital Basis, as well as developing photo booth apps at Hula. A mechanical engineer by trade, he also ran a photo booth hire business in Melbourne for four years before selling the business to double down on software.

Owen is pumped to share his tech knowledge and will be sharing actionable content on how to best utilise current tech to make your photo booth biz more successful.

Earlybird round 2 tickets are currently on sale for a limited time so get in early to save $$ and secure your place

Bring On BoothCon!

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BoothCon Speaker Announcement: Robert Lindquist

Welcome to the third (of what will be a quinella) of our North American photo boothing cousins Robert Lindquist who also makes his BoothCon debut as a speaker and exhibitor.

Robert is an events industry icon with over 40 years in the DJ and more recently Photo Boothing worlds. Robert is currently the Director of Media and Marketing Communication for PBX Photo Booth Expo and a lifelong entrepreneur.

40 yrs ago Robert walked away from a career in Broadcasting and started an advertising agency. To supplement his income and feed his obsession for music, he also began DJ’ing for weddings and other private events. Within a couple of years, his DJ business was doing far better than his ad agency. Encouraged by his peers, he wrote one of the first How-To books for starting a profitable DJ entertainment service, which led to the launch of “Mobile Beat – The DJ Magazine,” the largest magazine (and trade show) for Mobile DJs in North America. In 2016, He began working with Rob Savickis (Producer of PBX) as the show’s Director of Media and Marketing Communication, he also operates FLXWebDesign and Dayspring Communications. After weathering 40 years of Self-Employment, Robert has learned how to survive and enjoys encouraging others in their journey to make it on their own.

With oodles of experience Robert will be sharing his 10 Tips on How To Survive Self Employment.

Stay Tuned for the next North American Speaker announcement, it’s looking to be an absolute doozie!

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New Speaker Announcement: Dennie Hirsch

Can everyone give a big Aussie welcome to the irrepressible Dennie Hirschfrom Canada who will be gracing us with his presence for the first time.

For those of you who are part of the Photo Booth Network group you should be very familiar with Dennie and his input into the community so getting him down under for BoothCon is definitely a big win for the event.

Dennie Hirsch is the CEO of Mojo Photo Events & Activations. With 9 years of experience in the photo booth business, Dennie will show you how to make the move from social events into the corporate brand world of activations. Dennie’s company operates over 500 events a year out of Edmonton and Calgary across Canada. After doing thousands of social events and attending all of the industry conferences. Dennie realised what he had to do in order to attract the high end demanding corporate client. Social events are the bread and butter of the industry. Corporate activations are the cream on top. Dennie is coming to Stralia for the first time to teach you what works and what doesn’t!

Dont forget to get your tickets for BoothCon as places are limited.

BTW – There are still 2 more North American speakers to announce over the coming days! Stay tuned!Dennie Hirsch

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Speaker Annoucement: Annabelle and Danny

Big BoothCon news! Annabelle Davidson and Danny van der Nguyen will be speaking at BoothCon 2019!

One of our most popular speakers to date Annabelle is back with another amazing Master Class. This time she will be teaching boothers “How to build high performance teams”. If you are looking to scale up or grow your business into something half as successful as Social Playground then this MC is not be missed.

Joining BoothCon for the first time as a speaker is a very familiar face in the community: Danny van der Nguyen! Danny is qualified Mechatronics Engineer with 3 years working as a Software Engineer for British Aerospace Systems. He started SNAP SNAP 5 years ago out of his parents house whilst at University with one diy closed booth built using tutorials from Google and YouTube. He has now grown Snap Snap to 7 photo booths and have a team of 6 working out of a dedicated studio and service over 200 events a year. Danny is excited to share his knowledge and insights to help fellow boothers find their place in a crowded market.

Danny and Annabelle join another stellar line up of at least 10 speakers. Check the other so far confirmed speakers out here:

Get your Earlybird tickets before 31 Aug to save $$$$

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Speaker Announcement: Kevin Van Nguyen

A massive “first time speaker” welcome to Kevin Van Nguyen. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur, investor and your local Photo Booth expert. He is big on empowering and passing on his knowledge and skills to others. He believes in motivating and uplifting those around him. Kevin has developed an exceptional career in starting and operating multiple businesses. After completing over 1600 events, Kevin is keen to share his insider’s secrets.  

Kevin’s talk is “How to grow and scale your business so you make more but work less” and from years of experience, Kevin is excited to show you how to improve 5 key areas in your business to quickly grow and expand your business. Topics which will be discussed are staffing, equipment, marketing, market knowledge and personal networks. Grow from a single booth operator to an empire.

If you have ever wondered about how to grow from weekend warrior to a legit force in the industry or simply how to scale up successfully then this is the must see seminar for you.

Bring On BoothCon19!

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Speaker Announcement: Ryan Salinas

Super Boother extraordinaire Ryan Salinas returns to BoothCon direct from the USA. Ryan’s 2018 Master Class at BoothCon was a sell out and he is sure to pique high interest again with his new Permanent Installs Master Class to help boothers make money whilst they sleep.

Ryan is an American photographer, designer and business marketing and media consultant, he currently operates a photography and photo booth company in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston and Las Vegas and he is Super excited to get back down under and see everyone again at BoothCon.