[ April 26, 2016 by Justin Jowett 0 Comments ]

We need a Logo. Can you help?

There is a hell of a lot to organise and I’m going to need some help along the way to make this the success it deserves to be.

There are going to be lots of opportunities to help me but for right now I’m putting a call out to those of you with graphic design skills to come up with an official logo.

The official name of the expo is yet to be decided but possible names to work with are

Booth Con.
Photo Booth Expo Australia

You are also welcome to come up with your own ideas. All submissions will be considered.

The chosen winner will score for themselves

* Free ticket to the expo
* Credit for their design
* Their place in Australian photo booth industry folklore

Submissions close on the 30th April.

Email your submission to justin@photoboothfinder.com.au

Happy Boothin