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Kimberley Collier

Photography & Tech Wizard Kimberley, a veteran in the Photo Booth Industry, starting her Photo Booth business back in 2011! She founded one of the first open style booth businesses in Australia.

Due to the limited booth machine options available at the time – drawing on her industrial design study, she went down the route of designing and building her own booths. Learning everything inside and out about photo booths – it has definitely become a passion!

She started her photo booth business with 2 custom self-built photo booths (always need a backup, right?). She slowly grew this business, initially while working fulltime as a Corporate Sales Administrator, and then throughout giving birth & raising 2 future female leaders of the world. Plus, we will throw in a city relocation there too, this enabled her to in 2019 to have levelled up her photo booth business, completing 80 jobs, having 4 booths, and a team of 5 staff – let’s just ignore the last 2 years, ok.

As an entrepreneur at heart – while running her photo booth and wedding photography businesses, she saw there was gap in the market while at BoothCon 2020 – and decided to launch Snap Tech to support Australian Photo Booth Operators with the tech side of this amazing industry! Yes, just before covid, eek. Understanding the tech world, she considers herself a tech translator– a great skill for supporting this industry.

Not stopping there, while the other businesses were unable to operate during covid, she started a Digital Marketing Agency – with a primary focus on full-service web design. So, her tech world knowledge is vast as the coffee she consumes!