Catalina Bloch

MDRN Photobooth
Closing large corporate clients with proposals :
In this course, Catalina will teach you exactly how to close on corporate clients and corporate event planners. We will go over these 3 main points and I will even include a sample proposal that you can download to start sending to your clients. You’ll learn: • What Corporations and Corporate Event Planners are looking for • How to structure your message to them • How to deliver a stellar proposal that will help you close more large events

Catalina is the founder of MDRN Photobooth Company from Canada. In 5 short years she grew her photo booth company from 1 booth in one city to 13 booth in 3 cities. Cat shares her knowledge freely through her photobooth training website, educational videos like Secrets To Running a 6 Figure Photobooth Business, and weekly with Photobooth Supply Co Social Media.