The Organiser of BoothCon Justin Jowett

I thought I was excited about the first BoothCon but BoothCon20 is shaping up to be even more exciting given how well the first three were received and how much more I want to be able to achieve with this next one. Our industry is at a critical point and more than ever needs the positive impact a well constructed and educationally focused industry event can bring and that remains my focus.

My first “boothin” role began in 2010 as a Photo Booth Operator in South East Queensland which I did for 4.5 years. From 2014 – 2018 I was the Founder and Head of Operations at Photobooth Finder a photo booth search, comparison and enquiry directory with over 250 member operators making this one of, if not the largest, photo booth networks in Australia. In 2016 I helped set up and run Booth Cover. The photo booth industries only 100% dedicated insurance provider. In 2016 after seeing how well received the US Expo, PBX was I decided it was time for Aussie boothers to have their own too and BoothCon was born.

Apart from having successfully organised the first 3 BoothCon’s I also have credentials as an organiser with nearly 10 years experience before getting into boothing as a travel agent organising thousands of business, personal, group and school trips. As a store manager/team leader for many of the travel agencies I worked for I also have the people management skills to work with a team to get things done.

As I write this I have 11 months to to bring BoothCon20 to life and once again I have a great team of talented, enthusiastic and equally passionate people around me who are going to assist me in pulling off the best possible event.

I promise to deliver the best possible event and look forward to seeing you all in Brisbane in 2020.

Happy Boothin!

Justin Jowett