BoothCon 2022 “Rise Above”

Over the last four BoothCon’s (first in Brisbane and then in Sydney, Melbourne and back to Brisbane) some 600 Aussie Photo Boothers have come together to celebrate our thriving industry. We learnt, we shared, we laughed but most of all we made the industry better.
In 2022, after the tumultuous period of uncertainty with Covid19 and no BoothCon in 2021, we are finally getting back together to support one another to “Rise Above!”


After the success of the first four BoothCon’s and all the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received from everyone it was never really in doubt that BoothCon would come back again for another year. The only thing that was in doubt was when! Would covid allow us to continue in 2021 or continue to plague us? In the end with borders shut not just internationally but interstate the decision was made to postpone and come back again stronger in 2022 #BringOnBoothCon


BoothCon will be presenting select key industry experts from overseas and locally to teach, and network with, our rapidly growing local photo booth industry. I want every attendee to leave our convention with more knowledge than they entered with, empowered to make positive changes in their own businesses and bring about further growth and success.


The motto of BoothCon22 is “Rise Above” because I see it as BoothCon’s role to continue to help our industry and our closeknit community of boothers rise above after the impact of covid.

Together we are so much stronger than apart. To achieve this the major focus of the expo will again be on education, knowledge sharing and providing insightful experiences from key industry guest speakers who will conduct seminars and master classes. You’re going to learn from the best in the industry and leave with a head full of new ideas and the knowledge and desire to put them into action.


There will be plenty of industry exhibitors at the trade show like photo booth manufacturers, printer, props and album suppliers. Attendees will be able to discuss, touch and buy the latest innovative products to enhance their existing businesses. Additionally the expo will showcase other complimentary products and services which will aide operators in the running of their businesses.
Register as an Attendee

Show your support by registering, securing exhibiting spaces and sponsorship’s early, so I have a clearer idea of just how big I need to plan this event and ensure it delivers on all the promises accordingly.