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Register by 30 Sep, Receive $97 “Business Growth Hacks” DVD Free!

Together with Profit 911 By Justin Miller we are giving away the “13 Best Business Growth Hacks” DVD ($97USD Value) with every General and VIP registration.

Justin Miller is one of the leading US experts on marketing and sales management in the wedding, event and entertainment industries and his DVD is going to help you accelerate your businesses growth.

To receive your DVD please email justin@boothcon.com.au with your receipt no. and advise your postal address.

This deal is only valid till 30 Sep or whilst limited stock lasts.

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Just released $49 registrations!

In response to demand we have just released special $49 Trade Show Floor Only registrations. We appreciate not everyone feels the need to access all the educational content so these passes are just for you.

Head on over to the registrations page to secure your ticket. Be quick as places are limited.

Happy Boothin!

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Exhibitor and Speaker Update

Welcome on board to The Booth Box who along with “The Wilkes Booth Co” from The PhotoBooth Guys , Photosnap Photobooths and Red Robot Industries means we have now secured 4 of the best and well known Aussie photo booth manufacturers to exhibit at Boothcon.

Boothcon is gaining worldwide interest from some of the best industry speakers who want to share their knowledge and experiences with you at Boothcon.

So far we have the following amazing industry speakers and their topics confirmed:

Steve Bliesner from The PhotoBooth Guys – “It’s not a Booth”
Phil Preston from Red Robot Industries – “How to level up”
Annabelle Smith from Social Playground – “Social Media”
Jason D’Costa from Photosnap Photobooths – “Business Metrics”
Owen McCrink from Havas – “Understanding Digital”

These people are going to blow your mind and show you how to work smarter not harder and become more successful and achieve your personal and professional goals.

We have a bunch more people who have put their hand up for consideration and I am slowly working my way through and will be confirming more in due course along with other exhibitors.

Happy Boothin!


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Is BoothCon an Expo or a Convention?

I’m glad you asked! The answer is that it’s neither alone and it’s both together! In fact BoothCon is more than either of these terms can possibly articulate but together they paint the closest picture until people start to associate BoothCon as an event unto itself.

For those of you that like full clarification here is a list of all the event experiences BoothCon is and offers:

  • An Exposition/Trade Fair – a place for exhibitors to present their products/services
  • A Convention – a meeting point for like minded people to discuss a certain topic or field
  • A Seminar Event – a series of seminars to educate and share knowledge with attendees
  • Master Class Event – a series of specialty classes presented by experts to educate and share knowledge with attendees
  • Guest Speaker Event – a place for interesing guest speakers to present topics of interest to attendees
  • Demo Talk Event – a place for products and services demonstration for attendees

As you can see it’s a pretty big deal but no matter how you want to define it, if you’re serious about being a Photo Boother it’s not to be missed.

Happy Boothin!


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We need a Logo. Can you help?

There is a hell of a lot to organise and I’m going to need some help along the way to make this the success it deserves to be.

There are going to be lots of opportunities to help me but for right now I’m putting a call out to those of you with graphic design skills to come up with an official logo.

The official name of the expo is yet to be decided but possible names to work with are

Booth Con.
Photo Booth Expo Australia

You are also welcome to come up with your own ideas. All submissions will be considered.

The chosen winner will score for themselves

* Free ticket to the expo
* Credit for their design
* Their place in Australian photo booth industry folklore

Submissions close on the 30th April.

Email your submission to justin@photoboothfinder.com.au

Happy Boothin