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How good is this boothers!…… BoomBox Industries who specialise in creating custom made professional BoomBox booths for DJs, Mobile Entertainers, Venues and Corporates are not only going to be at BoothCon showing off their amazing BoomBoxes as an alternative revenue source but the After Party just got it’s Entertainment sorted too with a DJ and BoomBox graciously being provided by BoomBox to ensure everyone has a cracking time!
If you’ve been looking for another revenue source then be sure to check out their website:
This product is definitely a game changer in the mobile entertainment space and I for one can’t wait to see one in action at the After Party which of course happens 8pm – late on the 21st after day 1 of BoothCon.
Bring On BoomBox at BoothCon!

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After Party Announcement

Exciting news Boothers! I have just locked in the Roof Top Bar at the Eatons Hill Hotel for the official After Party!

(Check Out the interactive 360 walk-around)

The After Party is held on the first night (to ensure max turnout!) and will run 8pm – Late and is traditionally one of the highlights of BoothCon as Boothers let their hair down and forge those relationships that build and solidify their industry support base making it a very valuable and fun aspect of BoothCon.

The wonderful folk at LA Photo Party have kindly sponsored the event so entry is FREE to all valid ticket holders. LAPP will have one of their cool booths set up for everyone to play with and capture all the fun.

There will also be a Networking Drinks Hour being held at the Lobby Bar straight after the Seminars finish running 5 – 6pm with free time in between so we can all get a feed, recharge and be ready to party hard into the night!

Bring On BoothCon!

Roof Tops

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[Sponsor Announcement: Yo Props]

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Yo Props have come on board as an official Partner Sponsor for BoothCon 2019.

When you think of Photo booth props you immediately think of Yo Props! Yo Props have the most amazing range of props which you can check out on their website

Do you think Yo Props should also exhibit at BoothCon?

Show some love if you do!

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[Special “Exhibitor” Announcement]

BoothCon welcome’s “With Chris Wong” to the trade show.

Chris Wong and his team will be setting up their mini studio to interview every day boothers like you and shoot the breeze about anything and everything related to being a boother and what’s going on in our industry.

This is an awesome initiative that Chris and I have been working on getting off the ground. As such I am pleased to sponsor Chris’ participation in the trade show and I hope as many of you as possible will participate.

The footage gathered during the trade show will be turned into some amazing content that Chris will publish post BoothCon and will allow us all to look in the mirror and see we’re all the same so we all feel less alone in this boothing journey!

Can’t wait to see it!

BTW – I am now really down to the last booth stands so if you want your brand to be there get in touch asap!

#BringOnBoothCon #BoothCon #BoothCon19 #PhotoBooth #PhotoBooths#PhotoBoothExpo #HappyBoothin!

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Exhibitor And Sponsor Announcement: Photobooth Supply Co

Following on from the news that Brandon Wong will be talking at BoothCon I am pleased to also announce that Photobooth Supply Co will be exhibiting at the trade show on day 2 as well as supporting the event by becoming a Minor Sponsor.

Photobooth Supply Co are the leaders in photo booth business solutions offering more than just amazing booths but amazing business resources and community to ensure their clients are as successful as they are.

Come check them out at BoothCon 15/16 Jan in Melbourne!

#BringOnBoothCon #PhotoboothExpo #BoothCon19 #HappyBoothin

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After Party Co-Sponsor Announcement – Hula

BoothCon is proud to announce that Hula have come on board as a co-sponsor of the After Party helping to ensure that everyone has a great night full of fun and good cheer.

Hula are working hard to release their GIF software for iPads very soon. So everyone can have a try Hula will be running on fellow After Party co-sponsor The Wilkes Booth Co’s booth during the after party.

Bring on BoothCon (esp the After Party!)

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Major Sponsor Announcement

I am pleased to announce that for the second year running The Wilkes Booth Co by The PhotoBooth Guys are the Major sponsor AND part sponsor of the After Party!

What this means is that Wilkes will once again be presenting a Demo Talk on their latest product(s) and they will have one of their booths at the after party for you all to play with.

Thank you so much to Steve Bliesner and Sophie Greensill for their continued support.

Its thanks to all our sponsors that BoothCon can continue to grow and offer the best education, trade show and networking event for our local industry. So please support them and check out all their amazing products

PS I will be announcing a new Minor sponsor soon to join our other existing sponsors so stay tuned!

Happy Boothin!

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Sponsor Announcement – PBX

Massive thank you to Rob Savickis and the Photo Booth Expo for once again showing support for the Australian photo booth industry and becoming a partner sponsor of BoothCon.

It would have been great to have had Rob come again to speak and exhibit like he did this year but I am humbled to have PBX sponsor BoothCon instead.

For anyone thinking about heading over to Vegas in March next year if you can you have to do it! In 2018 Rob is expecting 5000 attendees and will have up to 400 exhibitors. It really is the worlds biggest photo booth event and is not to be missed.

Head over to the PBX website for more details

Happy Boothin!

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Earlybird Registrations Now On Sale

BoothCon 2018 On Sale! – Earlybird Round 1 is on sale now!

This time around we have 8 pre set price points on General and VIP registration (4 each). To save the most on your ticket price all you have to do is register early! The earlier you register the cheaper your ticket.

You know all about how good it’s going to be, you know you want to come so why not save money by committing early.

Visit the registration page to learn more or buy your tickets now.

Happy Boothin!

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Wow! How good was that Boothers? I am still spinning as it all seemed to go by so fast but am beyond stoked at how well it all went off.

The final attendance was 129 which is awesome for our first year and I can’t thank you all enough for making the effort to be part of something so special for our industry. Hopefully you all took away key learnings that you are going to utilise and implement in the coming weeks and months to help ensure 2017 is your best year yet!

To the 73 of your who joined the official after party on Tue night you guys rock! It was so cool to see everyone partying side by side in and around (and sometimes on the floor of) 2 photo booths which were so generously provided by The Wilkes Booth Co (by the The PhotoBooth Guys?) and Social Playground?.

I have created a very short survey whilst it’s all still fresh in your minds it would be great if you can give me some feedback about BoothCon. Please be honest and constructive so I can make BoothCon 2018 not just bigger but better! Click HERE to start.

As to which city, Melbourne or Sydney, will be the winner you will all have to stay tuned 😉

Happy Boothin!