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20 July
Pur Social

Pur Social is a proud sponsor of BoothCon 2022.

Improve your social media content workflow with Pur Social.


Pur Social Media

We had the privilege of attending Catalina Bloch’s fantastic presentation on ‘Social Posting’.

Catalina noted that as a photo-booth company, your social media accounts are your portfolio and generate leads for your business. Therefore staying consistent with your posting and content is massively important for the longevity of your business.

Previously, Catalina had a dedicated team member working the social accounts across her businesses until she took over the role and began utilising a social media scheduling tool similar to Pur Social to improve her social media workflow.

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Running the accounts through a social scheduler to helps save time and effort while maintaining your business’s social presence, giving your more time for content creation and the bigger picture stuff.

Pur Social allows you to connect multiple social media accounts and post directly to them from our platform. You can edit them as needed and even preview how the post will look with the click of a button.

Our calendar gives you a visual view for all your upcoming posts so you can plan and track when and where your content is being posted.

Maintaining your socials as a photo-booth company is your bread and butter, take the hassle out of it and work with Pur Social today.