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Speaker Announcement: Brandon Wong

BoothCon has secured Brandon Wong from Photobooth Supply Co., CEO of one of the most well known an innovative photo booth businesses out there, to come out and speak about Sales.

Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos started a wedding photography company ten years ago. Shortly afterwards, they bought a photo booth in an effort to grow their business. It was large, took poor photos, and didn’t match their aesthetic. So… they built their own.

A few months later, they realized that their product could help other companies grow as well. They signed up to exhibit the photo booth at a trade show to other photographers. In three weeks, they built Photobooth Supply Co from the ground up. The exhibition was a success and Brandon immediately purchased an engagement ring.

Today, the married couple and their team at Photobooth Supply Co. they have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their financial, creative, and personal goals. Their mission is to continue to create meaningful business opportunities to capture memories.

Brandon will be talking on Day during the Seminars which are all included in the general or VIP registration.

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Happy Boothin!

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Feedback from NZ

This morning I awoke to a totally unexpected and unprompted email from Alisha, a boother from NZ, who made the trek over this year to attend BoothCon. It really hit home how important this event is to so many of you and makes me so happy to be a small part of it.


Hi Justin,

This may come out of the blue but I just wanted to personally thank you. This may sound extreme, but attending BoothCon has been an absolute game changer for me. Looking back, I actually get a bit emotional about things as I remember the struggle and isolation I felt prior to BoothCon. Having the opportunity to personally meet others in the Photo Booth biz has been amazing! From meeting the exhibitors, listening to the speakers, attending some of the Master Classes – all absolutely worth the trip over from NZ and hands down a turning point in my booth career. So thank you!! I love that I have left BoothCon with not only a wealth of knowledge and inspo, but more importantly I have formed networks and friends who are an ongoing support (one I talk to daily, who I actually met in the toilets lol!)

There is no way I would have thought that I would still be reaping the rewards of Booth Con, 8 months after I attended. Like I said, it’s been an absolute game changer!

Cheers Justin, for a kick-arse experience and I can’t wait to attend again!


Hopefully Alisha’s feedback will help many of you sitting on the fence wondering if it’s worth the effort to attend to bite the bullet and come join us. The worst that could happen is you spend some money but you may just change everything like Alisha.

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Happy Boothin

Justin Jowett

(BoothCon Organiser)

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[New Exhibitor: Cre8ive Booth Supplies]

BoothCon welcomes back Cre8ive Booth Supplies!

With new owners and a new lease of life Cre8ive are your local source of all things photo boothing from Backdrops, Love Lights and Flower Walls to Booths and Print Media Cre8ive have you covered.

So be sure to check them out at the BoothCon Trade Show on Day 2 along with all our other amazing suppliers.

Still need a ticket? PM me and mention this post to get a 10% discount code.

More info at

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BoothCon Speaker Announcement: Robert Lindquist

Welcome to the third (of what will be a quinella) of our North American photo boothing cousins Robert Lindquist who also makes his BoothCon debut as a speaker and exhibitor.

Robert is an events industry icon with over 40 years in the DJ and more recently Photo Boothing worlds. Robert is currently the Director of Media and Marketing Communication for PBX Photo Booth Expo and a lifelong entrepreneur.

40 yrs ago Robert walked away from a career in Broadcasting and started an advertising agency. To supplement his income and feed his obsession for music, he also began DJ’ing for weddings and other private events. Within a couple of years, his DJ business was doing far better than his ad agency. Encouraged by his peers, he wrote one of the first How-To books for starting a profitable DJ entertainment service, which led to the launch of “Mobile Beat – The DJ Magazine,” the largest magazine (and trade show) for Mobile DJs in North America. In 2016, He began working with Rob Savickis (Producer of PBX) as the show’s Director of Media and Marketing Communication, he also operates FLXWebDesign and Dayspring Communications. After weathering 40 years of Self-Employment, Robert has learned how to survive and enjoys encouraging others in their journey to make it on their own.

With oodles of experience Robert will be sharing his 10 Tips on How To Survive Self Employment.

Stay Tuned for the next North American Speaker announcement, it’s looking to be an absolute doozie!

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New Speaker Announcement: Dennie Hirsch

Can everyone give a big Aussie welcome to the irrepressible Dennie Hirschfrom Canada who will be gracing us with his presence for the first time.

For those of you who are part of the Photo Booth Network group you should be very familiar with Dennie and his input into the community so getting him down under for BoothCon is definitely a big win for the event.

Dennie Hirsch is the CEO of Mojo Photo Events & Activations. With 9 years of experience in the photo booth business, Dennie will show you how to make the move from social events into the corporate brand world of activations. Dennie’s company operates over 500 events a year out of Edmonton and Calgary across Canada. After doing thousands of social events and attending all of the industry conferences. Dennie realised what he had to do in order to attract the high end demanding corporate client. Social events are the bread and butter of the industry. Corporate activations are the cream on top. Dennie is coming to Stralia for the first time to teach you what works and what doesn’t!

Dont forget to get your tickets for BoothCon as places are limited.

BTW – There are still 2 more North American speakers to announce over the coming days! Stay tuned!Dennie Hirsch

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Speaker Annoucement: Annabelle and Danny

Big BoothCon news! Annabelle Davidson and Danny van der Nguyen will be speaking at BoothCon 2019!

One of our most popular speakers to date Annabelle is back with another amazing Master Class. This time she will be teaching boothers “How to build high performance teams”. If you are looking to scale up or grow your business into something half as successful as Social Playground then this MC is not be missed.

Joining BoothCon for the first time as a speaker is a very familiar face in the community: Danny van der Nguyen! Danny is qualified Mechatronics Engineer with 3 years working as a Software Engineer for British Aerospace Systems. He started SNAP SNAP 5 years ago out of his parents house whilst at University with one diy closed booth built using tutorials from Google and YouTube. He has now grown Snap Snap to 7 photo booths and have a team of 6 working out of a dedicated studio and service over 200 events a year. Danny is excited to share his knowledge and insights to help fellow boothers find their place in a crowded market.

Danny and Annabelle join another stellar line up of at least 10 speakers. Check the other so far confirmed speakers out here:

Get your Earlybird tickets before 31 Aug to save $$$$

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Speak Announcement: Peter Dancewicz

Joining BoothCon for the first time is Online Marketing Guru and Photo Boother Peter Dancewicz!

Peter is a widely respected Perth marketing strategist who understands how to navigate the ever-changing online landscape. He has facilitated web projects, launched many websites, and trained business owners to manage their online presence. Peter understands the marketing process and how it directly affects a company’s ROI.  Strategic, growth-focused, and with an eye on improving your bottom line results, Peter practices and believes in strong and clean content-based marketing that search engines love.Peter is also an in-demand photographer and photobooth service provider making him ideally suited to teach BoothCon attendees on “How to harness online content to propel your business online”.

Peter is very excited to finally make it to BoothCon to share his knowledge and meet with the wider photo booth community.


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Exhibitor Announcement: Photobooth Emporium

A warm welcome back for the second year running to Photobooth Emporium. It’s great to have Christain return to join us once again.

Photobooth Emporium have been making waves locally and overseas with their well engineered and affordable booths.

Photobooth Emporium

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Speaker Announcement: Colin Richardson

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Sponsorship and Marketing guru, photo boother extraordinaire and all around good guy Colin Richardson will be speaking at BoothCon19 in Melbourne.

A strong advocate of Relationship Marketing, Colin is currently the VenuesWest Sponsorship and Sales Manager for 13 major Perth venues and at BoothCon he will be sharing some tangible examples of successful sponsorship strategies that you can implement into your photo booth business.

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Exhibitor Announcement: Hula Booth

Australia’s very own homegrown ipad app Hula Booth returns to BoothCon.

Hula creates amazing GIFs and Boomerangs for sharing without the expensive price tag of other apps. So if you’re a small – medium sized operator who wants to punch with the bigger players but have more $$ left on your bottom line then this is the app for you!

New features are constantly in the works so cant wait to see what Hula has to show off come BoothCon19.

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