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Exhibitor Announcement: Cre8ive Booth Supplies

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Welcome back for the second year in a row (third overall) to Crea8ive Booth Supplies. Cre8ive are your local choice for all things Backdrop, Flower Wall, Love Letters and Photo Booths. 

Cre8ive were one of the very first local suppliers to spring up when BoothCon was announced back in 2016 and since then Allen has taken over and made the business the success that it has become so its great to have them back on board!



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BoothCon 2020 Announced

After another highly successful year in Melbourne for 2019 I am pleased to announce that BoothCon returns home to where it all began: Brisbane! The dates are 14/15 Jan 2020 at the Eatons Hill Hotel and Function Centre.

The change of venue from having been held previously at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre is due to the overwhelming feedback that attendees prefer to save money by staying away from the city centre in a venue which can accommodate all our needs (Seminars, Trade Show, Master Classes, Networking, Accom, Free Parking and After Party Venue).

So be sure to pencil in the dates now and be on the lookout for the Earlybird tickets which will be on sale soon at highly discounted rates for both General and VIP admission.

Bring On BoothCon!

Justin Jowett (BoothCon Organiser)

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[Sponsor Announcement: Yo Props]

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Yo Props have come on board as an official Partner Sponsor for BoothCon 2019.

When you think of Photo booth props you immediately think of Yo Props! Yo Props have the most amazing range of props which you can check out on their website yoprops.com

Do you think Yo Props should also exhibit at BoothCon?

Show some love if you do!

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[Special “Exhibitor” Announcement]

BoothCon welcome’s “With Chris Wong” to the trade show.

Chris Wong and his team will be setting up their mini studio to interview every day boothers like you and shoot the breeze about anything and everything related to being a boother and what’s going on in our industry.

This is an awesome initiative that Chris and I have been working on getting off the ground. As such I am pleased to sponsor Chris’ participation in the trade show and I hope as many of you as possible will participate.

The footage gathered during the trade show will be turned into some amazing content that Chris will publish post BoothCon and will allow us all to look in the mirror and see we’re all the same so we all feel less alone in this boothing journey!

Can’t wait to see it!

BTW – I am now really down to the last booth stands so if you want your brand to be there get in touch asap!

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Kevin Van Nguyen BoothCon Speaker Intro

Want to build a successful Boothing biz so you make more but work less but don’t know how to scale up?

Kevin Van Nguyen was broke and ready to sell his business just to keep his head above water. Fast forward 2 yrs and he has turned it all around and now runs a successful photo booth empire and is building his wealth portfolio thanks to scaling his business.

Kevin will be speaking on Day 1 at BoothCon all about his experience and sharing advice on how you can follow him down the path to growing and scaling your business so you work less but make more.

Make sure you get along to this talk if you’re serious about building a better life for yourself.

Bring On BoothCon!


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Meet The Speaker: Brandon Wong

Brandon Wong, CEO of Photobooth Supply Co introduces himself and his upcoming Seminar topic “Sales.Simplified”. See Brandon on stage on Day 1 of BoothCon happening 15/16 Jan. Melbourne Australia.

Buy Tickets Now

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Exhibitor Announcement: HiRes Photo Printing

Welcome back for the third year in a row to industry supporter and all around great supplier: Hi Res Photo Printing

HiRes are your one stop shop for all things Mitsubishi Printing. With great pricing, amazing deals and industry leading customer service you cant go past Jenni and the HiRes team.

Be sure to pop by the HiRes stand on Day 2 of BoothCon and say hi.

Bring On BoothCon!

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Exhibitor And Sponsor Announcement: Photobooth Supply Co

Following on from the news that Brandon Wong will be talking at BoothCon I am pleased to also announce that Photobooth Supply Co will be exhibiting at the trade show on day 2 as well as supporting the event by becoming a Minor Sponsor.

Photobooth Supply Co are the leaders in photo booth business solutions offering more than just amazing booths but amazing business resources and community to ensure their clients are as successful as they are.

Come check them out at BoothCon 15/16 Jan in Melbourne!

#BringOnBoothCon #PhotoboothExpo #BoothCon19 #HappyBoothin

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Speaker Announcement: Brandon Wong

BoothCon has secured Brandon Wong from Photobooth Supply Co., CEO of one of the most well known an innovative photo booth businesses out there, to come out and speak about Sales.

Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos started a wedding photography company ten years ago. Shortly afterwards, they bought a photo booth in an effort to grow their business. It was large, took poor photos, and didn’t match their aesthetic. So… they built their own.

A few months later, they realized that their product could help other companies grow as well. They signed up to exhibit the photo booth at a trade show to other photographers. In three weeks, they built Photobooth Supply Co from the ground up. The exhibition was a success and Brandon immediately purchased an engagement ring.

Today, the married couple and their team at Photobooth Supply Co. they have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their financial, creative, and personal goals. Their mission is to continue to create meaningful business opportunities to capture memories.

Brandon will be talking on Day during the Seminars which are all included in the general or VIP registration.

#BringOnBoothCon #BoothCon #BoothCon19 #PhotoBoothExpo#PhotoBooth

Happy Boothin!

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Exhibitor Announcement: Awesome Photo Booths

One of the surprise new exhibitors at this year’s BoothCon Kevin Van Nguyen‘s “Awesome Photo Booths” are back again to rock you all with their super portable and affordable photo booths.

Kev has built his successful hire business around his unique booth design and is excited to show his booths off again.

So be sure to get along to the Trade Show on day 2 of BoothCon and say G’day to Kev. You can also see him in action on stage on Day 1 talking about “How To Grow And Scale Your Biz So You Make More But Work Less”


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