Expo News | Boothcon Expo Australia - Part 2

3 June
Robert Lindquist PBX Photo Booth Expo
Speaker Announcement #5

Returning for his second go around is the delightful Bob Lindquist the right hand man behind the worlds largest photo booth expo PBX. Bob

3 June
Andres Diaz Photo Booth Tax Accountant
Speaker Announcement #4

It’s a pleasure to welcome our first “non Photo Boother” to the BoothCon speaking ranks: Andres Diaz. Andres Diaz is one of the directors

27 May
Jan Paredes Photo Booth Expo Speaker
Speaker Announcement #3

BoothCon20 Speaker Announcement #3 A warm welcome to first time BoothCon speaker Jan Paredes hailing all the way from San Francisco! Jan Paredes is the founder

15 May
Owen McCrink Hula Photo Booth Software
Speaker Announcement #2

After a 3 year hiatus from the BoothCon stage Owen McCrink our very own boother tech head extraordinaire from Hula Booth joins the speaker line up. Owen currently